PMU / make-up fair & networking event

Rotterdam | 24-25 September 2022

PMU / make-up fair
Networking event

Rotterdam | 24-25 September 2022

General Terms and Conditions

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Please read and understand the following Terms and Conditions, as they are binding on all ticket purchases.

  • Tickets will not be exchanged under any circumstances and are non-transferable.
  • No refunds on tickets will be made under any circumstances, except under the terms of Cancellation or Postponement of Event.
  • Tickets can be collected from the door of the venue on the date of the event 2 hours before the start of the event. The buyer MUST show ID/passport and booking reference when picking up the ticket.
  • Collection by third parties is not permitted. Access will be denied if no tickets have been purchased via
  • Latecomers will only be admitted after an appropriate interval during the performances.
  • YEVGENIA EVENTS BV and/or Venue Owner reserve the right to refuse entry, without refund or compensation, to persons whose behaviour is disorderly or inappropriate.
  • No photo, audio or video recordings are permitted during the event, unless otherwise stated by YEVGENIA EVENTS BV, the speaker of a particular presentation.
  • YEVGENIA EVENTS BV may add, withdraw or replace speakers without prior notice and/or change advertised programmes, event times, seating and audience capacity.
  • YEVGENIA EVENTS BV / Venue Owner may use the cardholder's image or likeness in a live or recorded video display, photo or image.
  • YEVGENIA EVENTS BV may postpone, cancel, interrupt or stop the event due to bad weather, dangerous situations or other causes beyond its reasonable control.
  • The Ticketholder agrees to submit to any search for prohibited items, including but not limited to weapons, controlled, dangerous and illegal substances and recording devices.
  • The Ticketholder voluntarily accepts all risks and dangers associated with the Event, whether before, during or after the actual Event, including death, personal injury, loss, damage or liability.
  • Information is collected from those who register with to facilitate the purchase of tickets or other available services. This information is collected and used in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which forms part of these Terms and Conditions.
  • Purchasers of tickets under the age of 18 must obtain parental consent before purchasing tickets/merchandise on our website. By conducting transactions on our website, the buyer confirms that the buyer is at least 18 years old and understands and accepts these Terms of Use.
  • Any complaints regarding the event will be addressed and dealt with by the Organiser.

Restitution rate for withdrawals

PMU EXPO Reimbursement

  • 90 days before the Event Date 50%
  • 60 days before the Event Date 35%
  • 30 days before the Event Date 15%
  • 15 days before the Event Date 15%
  • Last 15 days before the Event Date 0%

Masterclass Repayment

  • 90 days before the Event Date 20%
  • 60 days before the Event Date 10%
  • 30 days before the Event Date 0%
  • 15 days before the Event Date 0%
  • Last 15 days before the Event Date 0%

There is always a recording fee of € 75. No refund of registration fees for championships.

Cancellation or postponement of event

If an event is postponed or cancelled, a Publicity Notice for Postponement or a Publicity Notice for Cancellation (collectively the "Notices" or individually a "Notice") will be placed by the Promoter in the media. Any refund made by YEVGENIA EVENTS BV will be made only from amounts held by YEVGENIA EVENTS BV. The amount of the refund will be made on a pro-rata basis ("Pro-Rated Amount") in accordance with the amount of said amounts in YEVGENIA EVENTS BV's possession and the price paid by the ticket holder for the ticket. YEVGENIA EVENTS BV shall under no circumstances be liable for refunds in excess of the Pro-rated Amount.
The Notices shall specify procedures for requesting refunds and the period and time within which the Ticket Holder may request a refund.
No refunds will be made if a request for a refund is made after the specified period from the date of a Notice. Any such unrefunded amounts will be handled at YEVGENIA EVENTS BV's sole discretion.
In the event of cancellation, all tickets purchased with a credit card will be automatically refunded to the credit cards used to purchase the tickets. If such credit cards are no longer valid, no automatic refunds will be made and the condition below applies.
Tickets purchased with other payments than credit cards will be contacted by YEVGENIA EVENTS BV Office located at Rijksstraatweg 146, 3223KC Hellevoetsluis NEDERLAND

Regulations and conditions for exhibitors and sponsors

1. Frame of reference

- The term "exhibitor" includes all employees, servants and agents of a company, partnership or person whose space has been allocated for the purpose of exhibition.
- "Exhibition" defines exhibition held from 24 September to 25 September 2022 during "PMU EXPO 2022)" scheduled from 23 September to 27 September 2022.
- The term "Organiser" means "Yevgenia Events BV".

2. Allocation of exhibition space

- The organiser shall allocate the space to each exhibitor on the basis of the type of space booked by the exhibitor, the earliness of payment and registration, and the nature of the exhibitions or by other reasonable means deemed appropriate by the organiser.
- The organiser reserves the right to change the start of the exhibitor's space at any time
prior to the construction of the exhibition, if exceptional circumstances so require. Such changes are at the discretion of the organiser and the exhibitor cannot claim compensation for damages as a result of the changes.

3. Application for participation / terms of payment

- All applications for participation must be made on the prescribed application form online on the official website. The application form is to be handed in to the organiser.
- The participation fee shall be paid into the appropriate account no later than the due date on the registration form. Otherwise the organiser has the right to cancel the contract. The payment deadlines are 50% on signing the contract and 50% by September 1, 2022. The earlier the contract is signed, the longer the advertising period of the sponsor/exhibitor.
- Exhibitors without sponsorship or festival ticket have limited access to the activities on 24 and 25 September 2022.

4. Use of exhibition space

- The construction, assembly and dismantling of stands must take place at the specified date and time and in accordance with the exhibitors' manual as determined by the organiser.
- Modifications including decorations such as painting the floor, ceiling and pillars are not allowed. The exhibitor is responsible for compensating any damage to the exhibition hall.

5. preparation and opening hours

- Exhibitors will have access to the exhibition area on 23 September 2022 from 15:00 to 22:00 to prepare their stands.
- The mandatory opening days of the fair are determined annually by the organiser and communicated to the exhibitor in writing. Exhibitors are obliged to be present for visitors from 10:00 to 18:00.

5. Safety and fire regulations

- The organiser shall take all reasonable safety measures in the interest of exhibitors and visitors. The organiser is not responsible for loss, theft or damage to exhibits in the exhibition hall during the set-up, exhibition and dismantling period.
- Materials used in stand and display construction must be fireproof in accordance with the regulations of the organising committee. The organiser is entitled to make changes to the exhibitor's stand in the interests of control, should circumstances so require.

6. Restrictions on exhibition material

The exhibitor must exhibit products specified on the registration form. The organiser reserves the right to restrict exhibits consisting of products or services contrary to the purpose of the exhibition. The exhibitor is only allowed to sell goods in the exhibition hall.

7. Amendments

The organiser reserves the right to change the location and duration of the exhibition if exceptional circumstances so require. In the event of a change of venue and/or date, or the cancellation of the exhibition, the exhibitor is not entitled to any compensation in relation to the participation booking.

8. Additional clauses

If necessary, the organiser has the right to issue additional regulations to the exhibition conditions in order to ensure the smooth running of the exhibition. Exhibitors must comply with the management regulations drawn up by the organiser and the regulations drawn up by World Trade Center Rotterdam for the operation of the exhibition hall.

9. Arbitration of disputes

Any dispute or controversy which may arise hereafter at any time between the organiser and the exhibitor concerning the true construction of these Terms and Conditions for the exhibition or the rights and liabilities of the parties hereto, shall be finally settled by arbitration in accordance with the Commercial Arbitration Regulations of the Netherlands Commercial Arbitration Commission in Rotterdam. The decision of the above arbitration shall be final and binding on both parties.

10. Cancellation policy

- Refunds will only be given if written notice, including the original receipt of payment, is received before 1 June 2022. All refunds are subject to a charge of €1000 per cab for processing costs.
- No refunds will be made for TRUSS Stand construction and other rented equipment.
- If the exhibition is withdrawn after 1 June 2022, for whatever reason, the participation fee paid will be forfeited.

11. Floor area

- All stand and exhibitor materials must be inspected. Please send this request by e-mail to Any extra costs for additional services are to be paid by the exhibitor.
- 129 € per m2 for 2 days including power point and basic cleaning. Minimum space 25 m.

12. Stand options - TRUSS

- Floor space: included
- Stand: Supplied by exhibitor or Aluminium TRUSS Construction
- Exhibitors: 1 per stand, 2 for 25 m2 and 3 for 50 m2
- Lighting: 1 spotlight per 3 m2 of stand area
- Power supply: 5.2 kW main connection, 2 sockets, 2 Wieland couplers, 1 earth connection, base load.
- Carpet: included, multiple colours available
Printing: Full colour 510gr PVC frontlit banners.
- Other: Construction and delivery on the agreed date. Dismantling after the event. Cleaning before the event.


- NORMAL - 15 m2 - €2500 | 25 m2 €3500
- CORNER - 15 m2 €2750 | 25 m2 €3750
- ISLAND - 25 m2 €6500 | 50 m2 €9500
- VISIONARY STAND - Basic price + 20%
- Custom spot € 250 | Exclusive spot ON REQUEST
- Co-exhibitors fee €250
- Non-stop VIP package - €4500

13. Design & Additional Services

- The exhibitor is responsible for all graphics and design.
- Upon request, the organiser can arrange for a designer and additional services at an additional cost.
- For additional service or equipment requests,
please contact the organiser at
- Extra Banner Printing - €19.50 per m2


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